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Marijuana what???

Posted by =Death Hunter=, 27 August 2011 · 476 views

Yeah so I've been smoking pot and watching Tom Waits on Youtube. I get a facebook msg saying to call this number for the Avalon Bar, they wanna book me... Blah, blah, blah I call em set somethin up. I goto save the number after i hung up. And did it while watching the videos. 2 mins later I pick my phone up, it lights up, and Im looking at Tom Waits' contact information..... I wrote Tom Waits instead of The Avalon Bar when I saved the contact. Its those little things 8-)

I think I get it, but then also I don't..
Lol, yeah, stuff like that happens and only add to the fun of pot :D
Everyone above my post is smoking pot =D
I get it, i think ...
not much to get folks. if your trying to understand you arent a smoker its the silly shit you do without meaning too that makes it so much more fun LOL
i miss those high moments. for those that dont get it, go get high then return here with your experience :D

ps: i dont condone the use of any drug. not even tobacco

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