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How to take screenshot ingame (xp/proof) - Enemy Territory

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This tutorial will show you how to take screenshots (in this example we take ss of xp) and also where to find those, so you can post them on forums by reading my tutorial How to post your screeshot of your xp on forums


Taking the screenshot (method 1)


Step 1: Join a team (axis/allies)


Step 2: Open console 




Step 3: make sure there is no marks in the line you write (erase by backspace) and now write /autoscreenshot  or  /screenshotjpeg  or if you want to find the ss easy, add a name to it and write  /screenshotjpeg putnamehere 


Taking the screenshot (method 2)


Step 1: Join a team (axis/allies)


Step 2: hold down tab button and at the same time press F11


 -  If you want to make sure the ss was taken succesfully, you can type this (or add in your cfg) before step 2: /bind F11 "autoscreenshot; echo ^1Screenshot^7!"


 - It prints an echo in console and also in popup area on screen (see ss of xp below)





Location of the screenshot


Now you need to find the screenshot.


Step 1: Open the location where your ET is installed (default is C:\Program files\Wolfenstein - Enemy Territory)


Step 2: Open the mod folder you took the screenshot (in this example taken on silent mod)




Step 3: Open the screenshots folder




Step 4: Find the screenshot you took. As default ET marks these as date/time, but if you added a name to the ss, search for it (used /screenshotjpeg name)




And here is how these looks if you did all right.


Autosceenshot = post-23508-0-79445900-1522446625_thumb.jpg


Screenshotjpeg = post-23508-0-79953600-1522446627_thumb.jpg


Screenshotjpeg with a name = post-23508-0-07582500-1522446629_thumb.jpg


Screenshot using tab + F11 =  post-23508-0-74355800-1522446629_thumb.jpg


Taking ss using Prt Scr button (not safe way)


One more method of taking ss is using the Prt Scr (Print Sreen) button on your keyboard. 




Step 1: Join a team (axis/allies)


Step 2: Press the Prt Scr button (do not open console)


Converting ss as jpeg


This might not work and just prints you a black screen. Happened to me also, so cant show example, but I tell you how :D


Step 1: Open paint application


Step 2: Paste the ss 


Step 3: save the ss, make sure the saving format is set as jpeg

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