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  1. Hiya Barker (HhhhhhSsssssss) great to see ya on the forums !!! Im still in S1 server mostly 90% & Hardcore 10% look for me more will ya between 8-1pm EST. I hear you may be applying? havent checked yet, but if you are wanting to lemme know I can help you with your application Lata --Slee--
  2. HaPpY NeW yEaR everyone !!!! Thanks to all for making the servers fun especially S1 and thanks to all involved who do all the dirty work keeping =FA= rolling along.
  3. Northpole is one for sure
  4. Congrats, you Monster! 😄


    1. Sleestak


      Thanks RedBaird. 😷

  5. Just thought I'd see if we couldn't get a few xmas themed maps going on Silent 1 Been playing there awhile and can't recall ever playing any there. I would name a few, but just can't remember any map names.
  6. Another $15 for the cause Transaction ID: 7CD84951ND930381L
  7. Ohio just announced a "stay at home order" starting Tues March 24th thru April 6th
  8. Sleestak

    ET SILENT #1 Next Map vote abuse

    @memento mori has pm'd me about this particular admin yes Icicelz calling votes for map changes very early in the new map. I believe Memento is upset that at the end of the previous map voting occurs then the map is loaded based on the votes only to be changed and may look to be changed by that admin not wanting to play that particular map. I have noticed twice where a vote was called by Icicelz to change the map that was just voted on. I was kinda confused myself as to why a new map vote was called right after the current map was just voted on and asked Icicelz thru admin chat why h
  9. Welp since I started playing ET I have always used the alias SLEESTAK. For those who have no clue what a sleestak is see my profile pic. When I was 8 yrs old back in 1974 I got up every morning to watch this show called "Land Of The Lost" and was freaked out by the lizard like creatures called sleestaks. Now looking back at some of those episodes and the costumes were cheesy, but at the time was good. See clip below for the remake movie with the Sleestaks !!!!
  10. $15 for starters for now, but more will come. Enjoy the FA community and got to know allot of peeps especially in S1. Gaming helps me to break away from real life stuff for awhile....so Im happy to help out --Slee--
  11. Sleestak

    ET Fun #1 Ingame Screenshots

    Lots of Seemless wanna be's who really like the color yellow
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