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Hello Guys,

I would need your help I want to host a ET silEnt mod 0.8.2 server for a lan party

with the kill spree sounds like on your FUN #1 NO DOWNLOAD XPSAVE Server


But I can not find them in the silent mod.

Maybe someone of you have a download link for them?


Thank you in advance.




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Thanks for the answer I already found some quake3 sounds over google ;)


But how can I tell the mod to use the sounds from another .pk3 file?

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They left the killingspree sounds out of silent 082.

If You make Own soundpack, Enable like this:


Or add this PK3 to silent folder to enable killingspree sounds(and set 2 cvars).


silent.cfg cvars for killing sprees:

set g_spreeOptions

set g_multikillTime



F|A Fun #1 spreesounds are in ~fearless_ssp_b1.pk3.

Get sounds from there(Open with WinRAR) and use packscape program to make PK3.


The PK3 name must start with z or ~ or sounds won't become enabled

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