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  1. chat bindings during intermission

    Thank you really simple and working fine =)
  2. Hello Guys Maybe you can help me with a thing. I see alot of people using chat bindings during the intermission. With my current bindings I only have chat bindings durring the game but not durring the intermission. So how they can make a chat binding during the intermission? Is it a config oder is it a external script? Here is my chat binding maybe you can help me. Thank you in advance. autoexec bind BACKSPACE exec 3_shout_bindings.cfg unbind KP_PLUS unbind KP_ENTER unbind KP_DEL 3_shout_bindings unbind KP_PLUS unbind KP_ENTER unbind KP_DEL bind KP_PLUS "vsay GoodGame ^8Go^00D ^8GA^0ME; exec autoexec.cfg" bind KP_ENTER "vsay Hi ^8HELLO_o; exec autoexec.cfg" bind KP_DEL "vsay Bye ^8Go0d^0bYe; exec autoexec.cfg"
  3. Kill spree sounds

    Thanks for the answer I already found some quake3 sounds over google But how can I tell the mod to use the sounds from another .pk3 file?
  4. Kill spree sounds

    Hello Guys, I would need your help I want to host a ET silEnt mod 0.8.2 server for a lan party with the kill spree sounds like on your FUN #1 NO DOWNLOAD XPSAVE Server But I can not find them in the silent mod. Maybe someone of you have a download link for them? Thank you in advance. GrimReaper