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I've played on the server a couple of times in an attempt to learn the game and maps.  I usually have to wait on someone to come in that knows what to do and I just follow them around. Needless to say I'm not very good.

Mind you the current rotation is 4 player campaign, where you work through the map. Our cfg will be 20 player, 10vs 10. This will pit player against player with some players as survivors and some players as special infected.

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When you create a Steam group ir gives you an id, like a number. Only the admins of the steam group (IE Daredevil and or Crasher) have access to this id. This id I have to put in the config so people can be directed to our steam group page and also is needed to list our server as a Steam Dedicated Group Server.


It should be just above your Abbreviation under the group profile on steam.


See image for location:


U dont need ask our group id... i've already shared site u can find/convert any group id with link.




You can use official steam groups id l4d2  31572,554109,554111, and from others games like tf2 group id 964095 dota2 cs:go etc.

L4d (1) 1280631



to add multiple groups do it.

sv_steamgroup "fa Group id,5088811,31572,554109,554111,964095,1280631"



and this site convert any group link to id http://w4.ezin.cz/convertor/





any id works short or converted.


sv_steamgroup "72989421697808469,5088811,31572,554109,554111,964095,1280631"  // the first one if from our group


i was running home server with 16vs16 let me know if u need help.


Please if u are going run VS dont forget this plugin

rcon_lock.smx //

l4d2_zcs.smx // class change infected with right click


default values r 20 each set Spitter 1 or 2 max.

tank health enabled with 0.75 % each survivor.

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