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GtKRadient: A map making Guide - Enemy Territory

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Good day, gentlemen and ladies. My name, is Yammy, also known as.. various... confusing aliases that from the past. Today we will be learning how to make a basic map in GtKRadient 1.5, found here : http://eliteforce2.filefront.com/file/GTKRadiant_150;62263. We will be discussing a basic room.

To start off, when you finish installing the program, you will get this menu:


Make sure you choose these options:


Now you want to start by making a box around the symbol in the center on the graph to your left, as so:


It should look like this, or something along these lines:


Now you have to hollow it out, using this button on the task bar above:


On the inside, it should look like a blue mass of evil death:


Now you are going to want to caulk the walls and ground, so you don't fall through the floor by going to the Textures tab on the menu bar, and select "common":


Now, look at the section on the bottom right, and you should see a small navigation menu. Select "Caulk" from the list of options:


It should look like this inside:


Now, you can choose random textures from the texture menu you used to find "common." I whipped this up, so your room should look like... really anything with any colors of your choice. Mine looked like this:


Now, to make it playable, you have to add spawns, lighting, and a deathmatch function. They can all be found by right clicking the grid to your right, and looking at your options:


I started with the deathmatch function, and it should look like this, a big block of pink vibrant seizure inducing goodness:


Next, lights. They look like this:


and can be found in the menu found when right clicking the grid, as previously stated. Since I used a smaller environment, I only had to use one light at a medial power:


Finally, the end of our lesson. Spawn entities. They can be found here:


They just look like blocks, red for Axis, blue for Allies:


The more entities, the more people spawn.



Basically, after you complete this, you can add on random things from the menu on the grid, and really just mess around afterward.


Congratulations, you have made your first map.


All credit for this guide goes to Yammy of the =F|A= Forums

Edited by Fearless Staff

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Hats off to you Yammy! Thanks i am sure it will help to those who want to learn map making.

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Nice tut, but did you just make it now, or do you have it already on the 'net somewhere? Because I swear I've seen those screenies before, when I found another tut off google.

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