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  1. Happy Birthday L3G3ND4RY!

  2. Happy Birthday L3G3ND4RY!

  3. You're right. The FJ-42 is noob. The FG-42 is not.
  4. PAINT.NET FOOs, not a URL, bu ta free program..its kinda cooL
  5. Do it up hope that helped, any more questions please xfire me @ legendary23
  6. Welcome, Young Grasshopper
  7. Someone on the server said ****.... Whats a ****?
  8. L3G3ND4RY

    Answers pleez!

    Ye make a new profile and set your resolution and save it there...Boom, done.
  9. L3G3ND4RY


    Lol Fem likes bondage!
  10. L3G3ND4RY


    Whatsup F|A! So, what do you all THINK you're gettin' for Christmas this year?

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