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Whats up fellas! --GunneR--


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 The names Gunner. I'm here to introduce myself! Well....I'm 25, I'm a proud Canadian that lives in an igloo with pet polar bears. I have the best neighbors, the United States of America (I feel bad for you're selections for the election coming up. RIP). I was born in Montreal, Quebec and moved to Ottawa, Ontario, right by the Parliment Buildings, when I was about 7. So....I pretty much grew up and grew a pair in Ottawa. I have a beautiful soon to be wife and a job as a manager in retail. I also do lots of drywall on the side as a second source of income. 


I like: beer, friends, driving, a nice ass (pardon my spelling), gaming, money, traveling, partys and lots of sex because its good for you (keep in mind I'm not a pig)


Games I play:



- Insurgency 

- War Thunder 

- War of Tanks, Planes, Ships (on occasion)


 Steam ID: cegunner

 Raptr ID: _GunneR_


 Lets just say I like battlefelld type games that have land, water, air and foot combat. I wish Battlefeild 2 was still popular!


 Thanks for reading & add me on steam so we can squad up!



Cheers everyone!



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