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i have a little probleme on forums

Wafiko Mell

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hi   guys   its   wafik 


i hope  you are  fine , :) 


just  i have    a  litlle   probleme   you   know  i am   bad  in English   so  whena    i  go  in   Google translate   and   copy  and  past   i  can't   do  it   in    the  topics  of  forum  and   it  make  me  the  most difficulte  task :(  if ther's a  trick  or  something to  faciliteted my  task i will  be   greatful   :D and 


Thank  you   :ph34r:   

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Hello Wafiko,


I guess you let google translate the forum page for you. If you have sections you would like to have translated, you can mark the text you want to have translated, copy it and paste it into:



hope that helps

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just  i have    a  litlle   problem you   know  i am   bad  in English


I used this google page https://translate.google.com/ to translate the line above into Arabic below:


فقط لدي مشكلة litlle لتعلمون أنا سيئة في اللغة الإنجليزية

فقط لدي مشكلة litlle لتعلمون أنا سيئة في اللغة الإنجليزية

أنا استخدم هذه الصفحة جوجل https://translate.google.com/ لترجمة السطر أعلاه إلى اللغة العربية التالية:

فقط لدي مشكلة يتل لتعلمون أنا سيئة في اللغة الإنجليزية
You can write Arabic on the left side and translate to English on the right side. You can click on the "select all" button to select all of the English translation, then right-click on it and choose "copy".  When I came back here, I did a right-click and choose "paste".

يمكنك الكتابة باللغة العربية على الجانب الأيسر وترجم إلى الإنجليزية على الجانب الأيمن.
يمكنك النقر على "تحديد كافة" الزر لتحديد كافة ترجمة إنجليزي، ثم انقر بزر الماوس 
الأيمن عليه واختر "نسخ". عندما جئت إلى هنا، لقد فعلت ذلك انقر بالزر الايمن واختر




After all of this, I just remembered that we have an FA clan member in Morocco! :)

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You also have a corner dedicated to questions in French on the forum.


There -->    http://fearless-assassins.com/topic/64834-french-post-your-questions-here/page-4?hl=french


Good job, Kelf.  I forgot about looking at his introduction:  http://fearless-assassins.com/topic/73716-w-a-f-i-k-ho-is-this-player/?p=644046 , where he lists the languages that he speaks.  (Along with forgetting some "recent" Algerian history)

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I think he mean that when he copy and past something from forum to google translate its give incorrect translation, thats happen always when you translate whole page in once, you just cant put big text there, because its translate those incorrecly or not at all. Like if i try translate some page from English to Finnish i can see how stupid its look and there is words what is not correct, google translate can not translate wordings or plurals, its just not know how to do it. Same if you try use it from Finland to English its give you stupid word choises. You can use this article from finnish langauge as example and you can see what i mean, you not need to understand finnish, when you translate text to english you can see how much its give wrong words what sound very stupid or is totally incorrect in english translation.



Montreal Canadiensin P.K. Subbanin kesäharjoittelussa on korostunut nopeus- ja ketteryystreeni. Puolustaja hakee lisänopeutta harjoittelemalla torontolaisessa yleisurheilukeskuksessa.

Ihan kenen tahansa koutsin treenautettavana 26-vuotias supertähti ei kuitenkaan ole. Hän saa nimittäin neuvoja entiseltä pikajuoksijasuuruudelta Ben Johnsonilta.

Johnson ja Subban ovat kanadalaisen TSN-verkkosivuston mukaan treenanneet yhdessä heinäkuun ajan. Valmennuskuvio sai alkunsa, kun Subbanin perheenjäsen otti yhteyttä Johnsoniin.

– Me treenasimme ensin yhdessä kolmesti viikossa, mutta nyt treenaamme enää kaksi kertaa viikossa, Johnson kertoi TSN:n haastattelussa.

– En halua ylikuormittaa hänen lihaksiaan. Hän tekee voima- ja kiihtyvyysharjoituksia ja joitakin ketteryysharjoitteita, Johnson jatkoi.

Johnson ei suostunut kommentoimaan, kuinka paljon NHL-tähti maksaa hänen palveluksistaan.

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I think he mean that when he copy and past something from forum to google translate its give incorrect translation, thats happen always when you

:)  Here is what Google Translate did with your Finnish words.  Some awkward phrasing, for sure!   :)


Montreal Canadiens P. K. Subban summer training has increased the speed and agility training. Defender seeks additional speed by practicing in a Toronto athletics center.


Just anyone koutsin treenautettavana 26-year-old super star not the case. He gets advice namely former sprinter major new Ben Johnson.


Johnson and Subban are Canadian TSN website been training together, the month of July. Figure Coaching began when Subban family member was contacted by Johnson.


- We first rehearsed together three times a week, but now we train only two times a week, Johnson told TSN in an interview.


- I do not want to overload his muscles. He makes the power and acceleration of exercises and some agility drills, Johnson continued.


Johnson refused to comment on how much the NHL star to pay her their services.

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Sorry, maybe i am wrong but i think he means others.

If he copy the translated word/sentence and try to

paste it in a Post, then it do not work...


It is really simple: click on BBCode Mode and then

you can paste it.



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I'm not sure that his issue is as tricky as we are figuring it.


I think he would like to avoid copy and paste, as simple as that ! :D



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