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One of my hobbies is perfecting and improving my home theatre PC.

I've got about 7-800 bucks tied up in it, and made it mostly from spare parts.

Recently I've gotten a bit more into it and put a new Mobo, and SSD in it.


It's just a hobby but it's also super cool.

I can access all my media (TV shows, Movies, Music, Concerts, Pictures, Whatever) from anywhere I have an internet connection or cell phone signal.

There's a web client that works really well.



Plus there's an app for my phone.

Plus I have it set up on my TV in my living room.


The coolest thing that I just figured out how to do is actually streaming live TV anywhere as well.


Just curious if there's anyone else out there that's tinkering with this kinda stuff.


I posted this in the Movie section and it recieved 0 replies so I figured I'd try here.

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TVcard with internet TV broadcasting ability?

Sorta kinda?

I do have a cable card (I don't bother paying for cable with this set up though) that allows me to tune into basic local channels.

Then via the app I can watch that any where I'd like to.

Most of the content though are movies/music/concerts that I've either downloaded or ripped.

Right now I have...

505 Movies (this one is growing almost daily)

16 Concerts (these are hard to find, if anyone has any good source for these let me know)

A whole bunch of music.

And all seasons of several shows (South Park, Family Guy, Archer, American Horror Story, and others).



Awesome. I'm sure it is time consuming. Do you have a nice theater setup?

It's nothing special right now.

A 5.1 set up and a 37" LED TV, but it works pretty well especially since I'm in an apartment still.

Someday (in the far future) I'll be able to actually afford what I want to do with this.

A projector, 7.2 system, etc.

First things first I need a house :P

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Also here's the specs. of the system that I'm running this all off of.

AMD FX-6300 - Stock

8Gb DDR3 RAM - just no name stuff that I got for cheap

SanDisk 64Gb SSD - for the OS and Apps

4Tb WesternDigital Red - For storage

A 500W Corsair PSU?

XFX HD 5450 - GPU

I forget the sound card and the ASRock Mobo.

My pride about it though is the Silverstone Case. - http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16811163239


The case really makes it, and makes the whole thing look like it actually belongs in a home theater.


I recently built roughly the same setup for my father-in-law that had 2 of the 4Tb drives in mirror RAID.

I want to do that eventually with mine, but again, funds won't allow it at the moment ;)

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