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  1. Doing awesome and the server goes down :(

  2. Nice!!! My favorite Killhouse is shotty's + RPG
  3. I know that MP servers (outside of the crappy ones in MW3 I think) aren't "technically" supported. I can't say I've looked into it much recently, but I know in the past I used to host AlterIW servers. This was for MW2 and it was a ton of fun. Technically the game was a crack though, (why it was eventually shut down) but I was just curious if anyone else thought it was worth looking into.
  4. Would there be any interest at all in looking into a more modern COD server? It would need to be one of the modded ones that have real dedicated servers. I know MW2 has this, not sure about the others. Just curious.
  5. Hey all, sorry I've been away so long. Work has been rough. School has been rougher. Life has been roughest. I've just been so insanely busy for the last few months I've barely had time to breath it felt like, much less play COD. Miss you all, and I look forward to shaking off the rust with you guys again
  6. Thanks for digging these up SiD. I'm going to look through these too.
  7. I never did understand why we went to evolve instead of a platform everyone already uses (cough cough Steam)
  8. Jonwayne. Youtube this white Biggy Smalls

  9. Sorry to necropost but dare, let me know if you need help with this.
  10. Hey all, B3 currently isn't running. Can we get a script to run b3 / restart it whenever it crashes / stops. There's currently a hack on and it's pretty frustrating.
  11. So a couple weeks ago I was in Los Cabos Mexico. It was absolutely unreal. I stayed at a friend of a friends place. He's worth millions, and his place is insane. We whale watched from an infinity pool... Seriously wtf... who does this? We were in the VIP section in the biggest club in town. Bottles of Champagne just show up. It was nuts and something I'll never forget.
  12. ClamSlammer


    Absolutely Smoke. Whatever camera I get now, needs to have RAW ability. I actually just bought a "Tough" (Olympus TG-4) that is the first waterproof camera with RAW processing. I love it!

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