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  1. Do you happen to have a myanimelist list going? If so, I can try to recommend something, but to be honest, I haven't seen much that is comparable to Death Note. I'll do my best to recommend something you'd like with my limited experience, however
  2. That's awesome! Can you share a bit with us?
  3. Since I only started watching anime in April of this year, Plastic Memories was my first show that I had to wait every week for. Every week, I would watch every episode leading up to the new one (i.e. on week 7 I would watch episodes 1-7, on week 8 I would watch 1-8, week 9 I would watch 1-9, etc.) to make sure that I had the same feeling that I would have had if I were marathoning! In the end, I've seen most of the episodes many times, but I feel like the way I watched was perfect for me I may have to pick up the manga then! I still think I'll watch the anime just to see how it compares, but I only just recently started reading manga, and so I'll need some new ones for when I finish the two I currently am working on! One of my friends said the same thing about the story, but I don't think that'll be an issue for me, I'm used to slow sections of story haha It's a Jun Maeda work, right? I've loved the stories he's put out so far (the currently airing one, Charlotte, I have high hopes for as well), so I imagined it would be similar to those Oh gosh, I can't wait now haha Something about a heart-breaking story, I just can't resist! I guess I just like stories that can make me experience the extremes of emotion! Angel Beats 1st Beat came out really recently (I think a month or so ago), but it's currently only in Japanese (if I recall correctly), so if you need it translated (like I do) it'll take a bit for the english subbed/dubbed version to come out. There are methods to continue playing without self-translation like online translators, but apparently they're not very accurate. Shame, I really want to play :/ That's really impressive! How long did it take you to learn so much? How often/how much did you devote to it a day?
  4. I've been waiting so long for somebody to talk Plastic Memories with ;~; You sir, have amazing taste Also, before I get to my thoughts, I'd like to say, you picked my favorite gif of the show too, so nice haha (full gif here: http://blog-imgs-64.fc2.com/y/a/r/yaraon/qlF9BwH.gif) Ok, my thoughts (and to anyone who hasn't seen the show, the thoughts are basically "MY GOSH THIS STORY IS AMAZING" but there are spoilers, so beware!) This entire show, from beginning (seriously, best first episode I have ever seen) to end (my gosh, what a finale it was), had me at its mercy. I was happy for them when they were happy, and I felt so much pain when they weren't. The story was phenomenal, the characters were easy to relate to (and just look at how perfect those two were together), the message was beautiful, and I will recommend it to absolutely every one of my friends. Very few times do I find a story where I feel as though I had truly come out a different person, and this is one of them. Honestly, I have no shortage of good things to say, it was the best story I have ever heard. I got to see the first couple of episodes of Tokyo Ravens but I'm currently finishing other shows before I can go back, great show! Which was your favorite? What did you think of Elfen Lied? I have the anime on my PTW, but I don't know when I'll get around to it. Heck yes VNs count! I haven't played a VN just yet, I'm awaiting the english translation of Angel Beats 1st Beat to release, then that will be my first. I have seen and loved Clannad, but haven't seen Kanon yet, would you recommend it?
  5. That Panzer 4 in the back is amazing, thanks for the pics!
  6. Since we are a different site, we should give credit to /u/lukeatlook at r/anime for the flowchart you provided, found here: https://www.reddit.com/r/anime/comments/3fvf62/wip_recommendation_flowchart_feedback_request/ Just want to make sure the guy gets credit, it took a lot of work, it seems
  7. I was refreshing newegg for 6 hours before I finally got one XD And for the other, I got the last one at my local microcenter! I was truly lucky to get not only one, but two on release day Sadly, they're both the first pump, so there is pump whine, but it's not bad. Since the sales are soooo backed up, it's not worth it to RMA just yet for the newest pump revision. I'll do it soon! Holy crap, 1200 euros?!?!? I paid $650 for one and $700 for the other, so I think those prices were fair. As you may have seen from the FireStrike Image, I am a couple thousand points above a 4k gaming computer, so it shouldn't struggle at all at 4k! I only have one game on my pc right now (War Thunder) because I'm awaiting my HDD conversion slot to come in (sadly the HDD cages don't fit with 3 radiators, so I must use a 5.25'' drive bay to mount my HDD) and the release of Fallout 4, MGS:V, and Battlefront, but once those release I'll be able to push The Angel's Heart to the limit with 4k VSR! Sadly, for now, I am stuck at 1080p 144Hz, but that'll change hopefully soon.
  8. Yesssss thanks for starting this thread! Maybe we should all put our MAL in here as well? If that's the case, mine is here: http://myanimelist.net/animelist/AugustHorch0 For not only you (blackknight), but for everyone wondering, check out the following shows I really enjoyed: For romance, definitely check out: Nisekoi (currently watching, loads of fun) - lots of comedy, harem (though don't let that stop you from watching) Chobits - lots of comedy, slight ecchi in the beginning, you may not enjoy the premise depending on the person Love, Chunibyo, and Other Delusions - romcom between two younger people who are struggling to grow up, very heart-warming Clannad + Clannad After Story - One of the most cherished of its genre, watch this if you like romance at all!!!! Go though the first season whether you like it a lot or not. To be honest, the first season is good, but the second season is where the show gets its praise. ef: A Tale of Memories then ef: A Tale of Melodies - very serious romance, but great story and characters One Week Friends - Insanely sad premise, but very heart-warming romcom of a boy trying to help a girl, even though she loses her memories of him every week. Highly recommended. Plastic Memories - Please, please, please watch this!!!! One of the most well-crafted and beautiful stories I've ever heard (and my personal favorite), with realistic and lovable characters and a truly unique premise. Listed as sci-fi, but treated as a romcom (and a darn good one at that). I mean, look at this smile! http://blog-imgs-64.fc2.com/y/a/r/yaraon/qlF9BwH.gif The Pet girl of Sakurasou - again, great romcom and one of the most highly rated ones. Check it out, definitely one of my favorites as well! Toradora! - To be honest, I liked this show quite a bit, but not to the extent the internet seems to love it. Great story, check it out! White Album 2 - "realistic" romance. If you're tired of how you think romance stories should go, then give this a try. I hated the ending, though others loved it. Your Lie in April - Story of a girl rekindling the love of music in a boy after the tragic loss of a family member. Easily one of the most beautiful stories in existence, and a true, true masterpiece. Watch it, then let me know what you think! Stunning visuals ahead: https://38.media.tumblr.com/9060cffb1646400f643ea86a61fc2f6e/tumblr_nn2a54vn5V1urgg6bo2_500.gif Ecchi (because c'mon, these are really funny): Absolute Duo - not the greatest story ever, but has its fill of action (actual action, not "action" )! Infinite Stratos - Harem with an AWFUL mc, but really enjoyable for the mech fights Is This a Zombie? - give it a try, though BE WARNED, it is INSANELY weird! One of my personal favorites, though! Heaven's Lost Property - my gateway to anime, and one of my absolute favorites! WAAAAAAY out there story with the most memorable first episode ever, has its fill of tender and loving moments, lots of comedy, and plenty of action. Watch it!!!! https://i.imgur.com/JqhnY.gif Other favorites of mine: Angel Beats! - My second favorite of all time, it's a show that WILL make you experience the extreme of every emotion. Wonderful characters with lots of truly fantastic moments of people overcoming the struggle of survival. HIGHLY recommended. http://img4.wikia.nocookie.net/__cb20130806134927/angelbeats/images/0/06/Angel_Beats!_Yui.gif AnoHana - very tragic story of a girl who died at a young age and her friend that continue to see her ghost. Sad story, 10/10 will feel again. Another - labeled as a "horror", and I was definitely horrified. I don't want to tell you too much, but you shouldn't judge until you've seen past episode 3. D-Frag! - hilarious comedy about crazy high school students and one sane one struggling to get along. I really enjoyed! K-On! - Most famous moe Slice of Life show, really cute story and tons of enjoyable characters Non Non Biyori - will heal any wounds. Give it a watch and try not to smile, I dare you. Madoka Magica - One of the most highly acclaimed stories in anime, this show is NOT what it seems. I don't want to spoil a single thing, but this is NOT your typical "magical girls" anime and it is NOT for kids!!!! You should not judge until you've seen past episode 3. https://i.imgur.com/gdtPoKN.gif Anyway, I have more recommendations, but this took waaaay too long to type, so I'll update later All of the shows in large letters are my favorites, please give them a try and let me know if you liked them too! EDIT starts here: Continuing with one of my favorite genres, Slice of Life: If you didn't see above, try out K-On! and Non Non Biyori! More to follow: Is the Order a Rabbit? - Cute show about a few girls running a coffee shop, getting a second season this fall! If you're on the fence, check out this clip, you'll want to watch: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ccsGw5HuBaA Student Council's Discretion - Comedy Slice of Life about students in the student council and the crazy conversations they have everyday. The male lead is the only guy in the council and he think the girls there are his harem! Very funny show, but it's recommended that you see other shows first in order to get the references to other popular anime. Usagi Drop - An adult takes on the role of caretaker of a chile when his relative passes away and so he must grow up in his own way to raise this little girl. Insanely heart-warming story that will typically be loved by the older audience who has gone through the same thing. AVOID MANGA SPOILERS AT ALL COSTS. WataMote - Holy crap, the cringe. Have you ever though, "man, I'm a nerd, but at least I have some good qualities..."? Watch this, you'll feel better about yourself. Truly cringeworty, but absolutely hilarious! Most people can't get past the first few episodes, can you? Yuru Yuri - My personal favorite Slice of Life, this is about a group of.... well... gosh, how do I put this.... it's a group of girls with very "out there" personalities living everyday life. A story with no main character (https://i.imgur.com/1O6at.gif) and plenty of laughs, how can you not like it! https://i.imgur.com/t3M3v.gif seriously though, you're probably going to be weirded out by this show, but hey, I liked it hahaha More randoms that people may enjoy: Girls und Panzer - Have you ever wished that you could drive a tank and use it in combat without any fear of getting in trouble or hurting somebody else? Welcome to this world where girls must fight in tanks against other schools, but nobody gets hurt! Check out this gif, you may enjoy: https://i.imgur.com/DDEPh7k.gif Corpse Party: Tortured Souls - Despite the name, this is no party! A group of students is transported to a world where nobody can escape, and only torture is on the road ahead. Absolutely the most horrifying thing I've ever seen with tons of gore, lots of terrifying moments, and I never want to see it again. Awful story, but hey, the scare tactics worked on me and others enjoyed it. Ghost Stories - What happens when a kids show gets sent to America for a dub, but they don't send a script? They make it the most hilarious thing ever, of course! Watch the dub, the sub is just a crappy kids show. Hyouka - Labeled as a good romance, but good luck trying to find any conclusive romance in this show. It's better once you think of it as a detective show Slice of Life rather than a romance. Kokoro Connect - What happens when an entity takes complete control of a group of students lives? How much can you ruin some person's life before it becomes unbearable? Beware, this show has only one season because of a stupid thing done by some of the actors, but the one season is pretty darn good. Fantastic first arc, imo. Nagi no Asukara - I really can't describe the story too well, but know that even if people raised underwater trying to get along with surface-dwellers doesn't appeal too much, the visuals are FANTASTIC. SYD - Innuendo after innuendo, I promise you'll never want to make a dirty joke after this again. Hilarious, but weird. Shows I'm currently watching that I'd like to recommend regardless of incomplete status: Aldnoah.Zero - Got to watch the first three episodes at the dub premier at Otakon, and I was BLOWN AWAY. Once the rest of the dub releases for streaming, I can't wait to marathon this. Very action-y and has a fantastic plot. If you like action, you will love this show (from the first 3 episodes, at least). Nichijou - I watch an episode or two of this every once in a while, just like it's meant to be watched. Comedy, Slice of Life, very funny, but as far as I can tell, no real story! Great for laughs, just don't expect to marathon. No Game No Life - Like Aldnoah.Zero, I got to see the english dub premier of the beginning episodes at Otakon, so I'm currently awaiting the rest to reveal before I marathon it! One of the most interesting plots I've ever seen, and as gamers I promise you all may be able to relate! Give this one a try, it's very highly acclaimed! As for the rest of the shows on my list, I liked them all, but struggle to recommend them to general masses. A lot required a special state of mind. Another EDIT, added some gifs
  9. For the money, I think the 290X would be a great investment, especially if he/she can get on secondhand from a reliable source. However, it's recommended to stay away from the GTX970. Not because of the 3.5 GB of memory thing, but because the new R9 390 beats it in (just about) every category, making it the superior card for the cost. Levi, I like Nvidia and AMD alike, but the 970 has been toppled as king of performance:price, so do not get it. Exactly, that's what I was thinking with the SSD, thanks for your input Van Oh darn! I knew I was forgetting to check something! Thanks Van, do you have a different case you would recommend? I had the Corsair SPEC-01 Red before my current Enthoo Luxe and it was pretty spacious, maybe it would be big enough? The SPEC-01 is pretty cheap if I recall correctly and definitely pretty well made.
  10. Hey, it doesn't have to be a masterpiece to be called enjoyable
  11. sorry, I've been using a USB drive for OS installation, so I don't think I've used a CD for years but I shouldn't assume that others do the same. My bad Levi, feel free to add that in, shouldn't cost much more. Wifi cards are typically relatively inexpensive as well, so same applies. I would love to say that a 250 GB SSD is worth it, but honestly, at that point, instead of jumping to $100 or so for a 240, just wait for a 500 GB to go on sale for $150 or so (what I did). The SSD is nice for boot files, but if Levi finds him/herself putting lots of games on the drive, then 240 won't be enough. TL;DR, 120 GB is enough for boot and small frequently-used programs, anything more and you may as well save a bit for a 500 GB SSD. People may disagree with that, but I feel like if you want the extra space then $50 more over the $100 for a 240 GB for over twice the space is a better use of money.
  12. hahaha, I like that about a lot of writers; if you look at my top 5, a few (if not most) are like that (though I won't say which for spoilers ). Seems like a show with a lot going on, I'll give it a try! Most of the time, I pick subs over dubs too, but a few I heard the characters' voices in english first and so it sounded out of place to hear them otherwise. I'm currently waiting for streaming sites to get the dub of No Game No Life for this exact reason D:
  13. Thanks! What in particular did you like about AoT? I like action, but I don't know if that's enough to keep me interested since I've been into romcoms and SoL a bit more recently haha That intro was fantastic, I'll definitely try to watch it right after I finish Nisekoi Bu... but... Dubs are okay too In all seriousness though, I feel like a great story is great no matter how it's told, so I've never said "no" to a sub or dub before
  14. That's great to hear! Isn't it great to find so many amazing stories? I wish I had tried anime earlier! SAO and Guilty Crown are high up on my PTW, so I'll have to check them out and let you know what I think! Let me know what you think of Shana, I've been recommended it once before, but haven't had the time to start. One of my coworkers has been encouraging me to watch AoT, what were your thoughts? It seems like a very highly rated show, so I'm curious!
  15. You.... I knew I liked you Heretic lol What were your favorites?

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