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Where did "GG" start? And other early COD stuff....

Ol Smoke

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You know  "GG"  "Good Game".  Here is the answer that I have always known.


It started with COD back in 2003 I think.  It started with the first clan I ever knew.  Don't remember the name now, but their members

were the first that I ever saw use it.  That was a tough clan to get into.  I never made it.  You had to win like 25 games before you could

even apply.

The guy I knew out of that clan (Big Joe) said that it went to embrace the fact that it was a game and not real life.  Back then so many guys got

irate and angry when the game didn't go their way. So it was a way of saying, "don't worry man it's just a game".

Pretty soon it became the normal thing to do.

If I could remember that clan it would have been a great story.  I think they were named after a New York Civil War Army group.



I just thought you might like to know some of the early stuff.


One of the first moves that guys learned was to lean-crouch-and move in a circle when someone was right next to you shooting at you.

There was a little "glitch" in the early coding, that made you almost bullet proof when you did that.  So you would do this while the guy

unloaded is MP30 at you.  When he ran out of bullets, you shot him.


Another trick was to shoot into the groove where two vertical walls came together.  Like at a corner.  For some reason you could shoot

right there and the bullets went straight on through.  After this was learned, the noobs didn't stand a chance.


Until Activision fixed it, you could kill guys in a house by throwing a nade straight up and letting it explode over the roof.  It would kill everyone

in the house or hut.


There was a time when you could use this little script tool and make bind that would do colored letters and make them dance and blink when your

name was listed at the end of the game.  When COD-UO came out, that didn't work anymore.


The term pwned  which is a stuck out tongue razzing you, about being owned by another player, Started in COD 2.


COD2 was probably the worst of the bunch until those that came after COD4.


I remember when Punk Buster came out.  Everybody thought it was a game controlling anti-cheat program.  Really what it was, was a way to

stop people from using the same COA and disk on several machines and playing MP.  It was created by the gaming industry to stop that.

Making people buy one disk for each PC.  But around 2004 or 2005, a hacker group came up with a program that would create COA numbers

for the game, that would actually work.  It took a while before the industry was able to "unhack" that hack.  A group calling themselves

"Warez" made all kinds of hacks and cracks and put them on the internet.  The trick was trying to find the actual website to download it.

In order to hide the downloads, they embedded every kind of porn you could think of on their website.  Along with black holes that you would

fall into if the system thought you were a fed or something.  So most of the time it was passed from guy to guy in a trusted circle.  In the website

Warez you could also download every Microsoft product they had, along with the COA to make it work.  Now this was a bit of work to accomplish,

because we still had 56k dial up and 128K DSL.  All of the Warez sites were closed down by the FBI and Interpol and some of them went to jail.



Hope you enjoyed that little trip down memory lane.


I found this after I typed all this.  Just so you would have a start place:



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GG is older than COD for sure.


Like 90's or so. Pretty sure it was used in online yahoo games like chess, and early fps like quake. Starcraft and similar strategy games is where it really kicked off.

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Haha cool story but i call bs on the goodgame story though. It is waaay older. And maybe it turned to gg instead of goodgame because people are lazy :P

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