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Mexican Singer got "some funky old soul" on Mexico Tiene Talento


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This singer has the audience standing, clapping and dancing.  The link starts at the beginning of his song.  Those understanding Spanish can rewind the video to the beginning and hear his story, which is part of what brought a judge to tears.  
ADDED: Link to source-page with their video player set to start & stop only when the song plays.  https://sfglobe.com//?id=19171

Title:  Man Does A Powerful Rendition Of Old Time Rock And Roll

Well, this link (with a start-time) just shows me the "busy circle" so far.  If it does the same for you, you can skip to the bottom link.
Now I am getting this error message from "learn more":  https://support.google.com/youtube/answer/3037019?
The song begins @ 1:59 here:

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Xime, preciosa! 

What a great voice from this guy and also, yeah the story is way overwhelming..

Maybe you could give us a synopsis of his story.  I am very curious!

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From what I understand 

Pablo was five years old that was born in the city of Torreon, Mexico. Like any curious kid, Pablo wandered through the city but he got lost and couldn't find the way back. The red cross found him and tried to put him on an orphanage, but there wasn't any available. Then they decided to put him on some reformatory close to the red cross building where he got adopted (it is unclear of what happened to his real parents).
He was taken to the USA  but their adoptive parents got tired of him (probably because of his behavior) so they return him to Mexico. He lived on the streets while having depression for eight years.One friend of him called Joel gave him a stereo and with that stereo he started to sing. 

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Maybe you could give us a synopsis of his story.  I am very curious!









Story is that he got out from home to a bigger city in Mexico, when he was really young and never returned home, was then picked up by the Red Cross and send it to a reformatory since all the orphanage were full. He picked up some bad habbit, then was adopted by an American couple, was a trouble maker, their foster parent send him back to Mexico, then he lived in the street, got low for 8 years. A guy gave a radio to sing on public places and he decided to do in the Metro of Mexico.



Sorry if i made any mistake, its late. Hope it help you get an idea.. 


Ximena the lady in the jury was so touched because she felt that he represent what an artist is, tears of happiness and a bit shocking of his performance. 

Doooood, you stole my thunder.. AcidParadox   :P

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