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Hello! Come learn about me!


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First name: Ben 


Any sort of Nickname?: Bernard, Benji (Only my mom calls me that)




What country are you from?: USA


Are you a Parent?: No.


How many siblings do you have?: 2!


What's your shoe size?: 11


What do you do for a living?: United States Coast Guard


Greatest Fear?: Disappointing my dad.


Most Exciting thing you've ever done?: Shot a M246 mounted machine gun off a RHIB boat!


Most embarrassing thing you've ever done?: 


First thing you look for in a new friend?: Outgoing personality. 


Farthest you've been from home?: United Kingdom


What brought you to the Fearless Assassins servers/forum?: Great gaming community! 



Cat or Dog?: Dog! I love my dog Gothum!


What are your hobbies?: Paintball, Boating, waterskiing/wake boarding, and building cars. 


What kind of Sports do you like?: Speedball


What's your favorite color?: Dark Blue


How about your favorite type of music?: Anything except screamo. 


Favorite Song?: Anything Zach Brown Band


What's your favorite TV show?: Walking Dead


What kind of movies do you like? (Scary, comedy, drama etc): Horror, Action, and Comedy


Favorite Movie?: I Am Legend


Favorite Book?: The kind I don't have to read. 


What do you like most about yourself?: Outgoingness


What do you hate most about yourself?: Laziness 


What makes you very happy?: My friends and family. 


What makes you very sad?: Being on my own.


What's your favorite beverage?: Corona Extra with a juicy Lime!


What you're favorite food/snack?: Pizza! Duh. 


Favorite actor/Actress?: Mila Kunis


Favorite season? Why?: Summer, because I hate the cold. 


Favorite subject in school?: Science.


Favorite thing to learn about?: Biology and Marine life. 


If you could go anywhere in the world, where would you go?: Russia or Japan. 



What are your top three games of all time?: Battlefield 4, DayZ, and Super Smash Brothers. 


Besides shooters, what is your favorite genre of gaming?: Sandbox MMO's


Name one game in your collection you'd be embarrassed to tell your friends about: Animal Crossing xD


How many games do you own?: Too many... from all systems... 


Do you play console?: Yes! Mainly Ps4, but I have most of them. 


What platform do you spend most of your gaming on? (PS, Xbox, Steam, Android etc): PS4 and Computer. 


What's your favorite internet site (That is not FA ;P): Youtube, Twitch, and Reddit. 



Thanks for reading! I hope my life interests you and if you have any questions feel free to ask me! Im open to all people! 

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