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Awesome Videocard Mod


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I had to RMA my 285gtx video card so I grabbed my old 7800gt's to put back in my rig temporarily. But 1 of the cards had a watercooling block on it and it needed the stock cooler put back on.


Instead of putting this little stock cooler fan back on. Steve and I had a better plan.


Zip ties are to nerds what ducked tape is to rednecks. Using a Scythe S-flex 120 fan



Steve showcasing the mod



Cleaned up the zip ties



Installed :)



20C+ degree difference. Woot



10C difference at idle. Ghetto ftw

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HAHAHAHA that is awesome. Tulsa you should have your own TV show or something. You are just too amazing =P (zip ties ftw lol). Maybe make a youtube video of your ghetto mod haha

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You want to see ghetto rigged fans? I have been strapping fans on my rigs for years trying to fight the heat caused by muh 1337 OC. I will post pics of my crossfire setup later (when i buy a camera).

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