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Trip to sweden/pictures


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Yoo,some people wanted to post some pictures from my trip.So here they are


22776_1217107900238_1005069995_30520146_486754_n.jpg On plane

22776_1217107940239_1005069995_30520147_2902603_n.jpg On plane 2

22776_1217107980240_1005069995_30520148_5555718_n.jpg Wanna be breakfast with gross german beer

22776_1217108060242_1005069995_30520149_6002240_n.jpg Beautiful sky

22776_1217108100243_1005069995_30520150_5671965_n.jpg Uncle's wedding

22776_1217109780285_1005069995_30520153_7171076_n.jpg Sky 2

22776_1217109900288_1005069995_30520155_4917624_n.jpg Sky 3

22776_1217118340499_1005069995_30520225_4110339_n.jpg With my bro on uncle's wedding

22776_1217118420501_1005069995_30520226_6559106_n.jpg I lol'd,saw many plates like "wtf,ftw,cya.."

22776_1217118460502_1005069995_30520227_4661426_n.jpg At cousin's house

22776_1217118500503_1005069995_30520228_4016554_n.jpg Just to let all know that it was around -21°c

22776_1217122860612_1005069995_30520237_1789342_n.jpg City

22776_1217122900613_1005069995_30520238_6390616_n.jpg Wanna be castle

22776_1217122940614_1005069995_30520239_4134057_n.jpg At cousin's house 2

22776_1217123020616_1005069995_30520240_5346876_n.jpg Me and my grandpa

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Gosh, -21 degrees is nothing! xd


In here Finland (Welcome!!! :D) had like -31. Awesome go to school when -30 and fingers is totally in freeze.

I thikn -21 is something if you are naked LOL!

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Great pictures. Looks like you had a blast.


That's your uncle's wife? Win for him :cheers

Yea he married his GF,was with her for 3 years,but he had problems with his back so he did he now this december cuz i came :)

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