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AFK more often now

Josh/Faded :)

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Hey guys, starting today I might not be on that much anymore.. I'm sure I'll still come on most days and play a map or two but that is pretty much all the time I will have.

I finally got a job today so now my schedule is school till 3 and work from 3:30 till around 8 or so every day.. With me trying my best at work and doing anything on the side to make even more money so I am able to save up and take care of my baby that is on the way really soon. I'm also going to be getting my license back, and I need to redo all my drivers ed classes. So yeah :)

My baby is due very soon, March 11th if you want to be exact. But the shitty thing about it all is, My ACT's start March 9th. (For anyone who don't know what that is, its a major test that you have to take in order to graduate now. and it helps you get into college)


So yeah I promise I will make time though so I am able to maintain my application and hopefully get into F|A soon enough.

BTW: On the XP thing, I have roughly 35k or maybe even a little bit higher. So not much longer :D Hopefully by this weekend I'll have the 40k


But I will keep you guys posted and I will be on I just cant give definite times of when :P




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[quote name=Josh/Faded :)' date='04 January 2010 - 09:59 PM' timestamp='1262660356' post='52340]

My baby is due very soon,


o0o0o0o Serious?

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o0o0o0o Serious?


Lol yeah







Those are the ultra sounds. :P

So I'm 100% sure she wasnt just saying it to keep me around because I seen the test, I been to doc appointments and I seen them take the ultra sounds.. And her stomach is huge.. lol

so yeah..


and thanks for under standing guys :)

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Congratz man! You should tell us what kind of name you are looking for. American, African, Chinese, Asian, Japanese, etc..

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It doesn't matter dare as long as I'm able to pronounce it and its not too long but I only read english so yeah :)

So far we have wanted










And we cant pick, plus we are still finding names we like so yeah :P

I liked Carter the best but she doesn't shes difficult with it :(

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