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  1. Wocen season

    Okay. I'm going to point out a few things here just to show that you guys don't even read what I say lol.. 1st thing was, When I got banned for it. I wasn't even playing. It was the PB generic scan that caught on. I was in spec and actually afk. 2nd that was the second time I've ever hacked in my life. The first time was on a private lan server with bots loaded up. For the soul purpose to see wtf a hack even was because I was new to the game and had no idea what ppl meant by "wallhacks" and "aimbots" 3rd I honestly didn't know that the config was a hack I was just testing a config and the person asked for my input on it. I /exec'd it and it did vid_restart so I went to bathroom and came back to the pb kick. So... I rely on hacks huh? If you don't believe me then that's your problem and shouldn't be anyways so why are you trying to be the center of attention? Hobbit was right completely, your honestly gonna tell me that once you do drugs your always gonna do drugs? Its like saying once you jump off a bridge and if you live. Your gonna do it again.. Now did that make sense? Not at all. So point out the "non-logic" of what he said. The people that you see do it all the time, do they ever admit it? No. Well except opiate cuz he doesn't care. Personally, as people have been saying on these forums "its just a game" why don't you guys take that advise? You act like just because someone has or does hack. It makes them a bad person lol. To me, the people that accept my apology and take it for what it is, they are the mature ones who are able to see that it's just a game.. The people who are going to throw a huge b*** fit about it and do nothing but dog about it.. Are the immature kids who honestly have nothing better to do.. Yes, I did deserve to be kicked from F|A I don't blame them one bit for that at all, no one wants hackers in their clan but it also puts out a bad image if your going to be complete douches about it and try to "ruin" their lives lol.. Which tbh you guys can try if you want I don't really care ET isn't important to me at all It was just something to do when I was bored or w/e.. So that's that.. @ Intent.. I've never had a problem with you, I thought I was actually pretty cool with you imo.. It's just fun to shit talk sometimes.. But yeh I'mma take a short lil break from et but when I come back I'll deff hit you up and we can do a match or something It's just I have more important things I need to take care of first
  2. Wocen season

    Lol so now I'm gonna be called a hacker and you guys will always think that everytime I play "oh I must be hacking?" Ya cuz thats mature..
  3. So just wondering

    Mkay Im agreeable to that.. And ive been playing clean it was just that one small screw up that did it =\ lol
  4. So just wondering

    Am I banned on F|A servers now? Just wondering cuz I don't wanna try to connect and find out that I cant = [
  5. Wocen season

    All imma say is I have scrimmed against intent before and he left in middle of the round.. And I only record scrims that are real scrims with teams not just based off of ringers..
  6. Wocen season

    I will once my team gets completely settled lol.. Bob and ceqt aren't on when im on for some reason =\
  7. Weapons For Self Defense!...

    Aww deniedddd
  8. Weapons For Self Defense!...

    I think she wants me! >.< lmao
  9. Wocen season

    Lol for the wocen season? ok. Hang on... U should make an ESL team too.. I'm on there just apply for a scrim ) Go look us up, were number 1 on the 3v3 ladder.. planB or *boreDOM we have 2 diff tags...
  10. Weapons For Self Defense!...

    LOL okay it goes something like this. I have some pretty major anger issues and I use to black out when I got into fights.. When I blacked out I tried to kill them so i would grab anything in my path or do anything in gods power to do anything I possibly could do to the people and I wouldn't even stop going at them even if I knocked them out and stuff so ya I would be still going at them when cops got there and they would try getting me off the kid or kids and I would end up fighting the police officers too.. They would then try dogs but that wouldn't work seeing as I have grown up around those kind of dogs *pit bulls and rot whilers and such* I know their pressure points to make them back off, so they would result in puling out the tazor gun
  11. Wocen season

    Lol low beta friends... ROFL.. everytime I even see you playing you are with extremely low- people.. You only play on STA box and shit.. mind you, they are ALL low- never met anyone whose even med on that server... so gg.
  12. Weapons For Self Defense!...

    Mine. Not only one too
  13. Weapons For Self Defense!...

    Well.. You guys might think diff but to me, Air soft guns or pellet guns are very pointless. So are tazors.. Mostly because I've been shot by bb guns or any of the above while just playing around and they never stopped me. I've also been tazed 3 or 4 times by cops and such and never exactly did all that much, yea it did stop me but that was just because I was already in enough trouble as it is. Resisting that would only make it worse. So just get a real gun, they have 6mm gloks and stuff that won't kill people but enough to put them in the hospital or into shock... so ya
  14. If u have enough money that...

    I would MAKE a school. And ofc, the US wouldnt be in debt anymore.. And all the stupid asses who try and hustle people for money, id just give them money so they shut up And then spoil myself and my family
  15. Hi ppl

    Best story yet.