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News of the day

Ol Smoke

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Some guy is hiding in Hong Kong because he leaked some stuff to the news.  He wants to go to Iceland now before the government catches him.


Some guy who killed this boy is going on trial today.


Some guy who shot some people is in the news.


No plane crashes overnight.  But we had some car wrecks.


Some guys in a country somewhere said they are starting their war again, since it is nice weather now.


Bill Clinton said he could kick Obama's ass in a fight**.  (Hillary could kick Obama's ass in a fight--imo)


There is flooding somewhere in Europe, the USA and somewhere else.


There are thunderstorms near Ph0enix's house.


Daredevil has been released by the Taliban.**  Welcome back.


Oregon has re-applied for membership into the USA again**.  Seems no one knew Oregon was actually a state.


California had an earthquake yesterday but is still attached to the continent.


There are some movies making millions of dollars over the weekend, but no one I know went to see them.


Wolfengang is flunking english.  Which is why no one understands him on Team Speak.**


LainTime did not do any beer drinking last night.  He was the designated Reindeer driver I heard.**


And lastly,  I actually talked to GI-Joe last night on TS.  So his kidnapping by the Taliban was just crap.


Oh, one more thing, China wants to buy the internet.  


and thats the news for today.  Be good boys and girls today, and only shoot each other in the game.  Peace!



**these stories may or may not have happened, my sources are kinda slim right now.






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Well I imagine some of these mainly most of them are true.


Please may I add one.


There is a psychopath in Oregon no one knows his real name they only know his gaming name (smoke) He is on the run the police have tried to catch him but the has Fled to England. No one knows why but all they know is he is after a little boy.



That is the end of the news today.


thank you. 

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