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Free software to erase your hard drives.

Ol Smoke

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I have a fully operational HDD cleaner that will remove all data from your HDD.


So if you are selling a HDD or just want to rebuild your system with a fully clean HDD

then using this software will do the job.  If you run it on 10 time write, not even government

readers will find anything.  It operates by writing zeros to every cluster on your HDD.  By setting

it to write10x, it will write zeroes to every binary data cluster.  I usually run it 4 times on a drive

before I resell it or reuse it.  It will also rewrite the bad cluster file when it is done.


This file is ready to be copied to a CD (after unzipping).  Be careful because it will start the system in DOS mode

and then run the program.  I suggest that you have only the HDD to be erased connected to the MB.

It does not list them like Windows does.  First HDD is zero (0).  Just tell it to erase the HDD and how

many cycles you want.


I recommend that you do it before you go to bed at night.  A 500GB drive takes about 45 minutes or

so to complete each cycle.


Afterword, just FDISK and format the drive with your Windows disk.


Just unzip the files to a directory on your HDD  (C:\Wipe Drive) and then write them to a blank CD.


**This company is out of business and their programs are not protected anymore so this is legal.


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Some manufacturers had their own tools to zero-fill the HDD-s. And as every company has their own controllers isn´t it safer to use theirs?

But those progs are especially good when you get HDD and MBR messed up.

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I put this on here to go along with the Western Digital thread I made.  Some may find it easier to use a generic eraser like this one.

I have used this program since 2001 and it always does a great job.  But thanks for the feedback.

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Why any one sell they hd? I brake them and use as beer glass unders :)




I prefer to CDs has beermats :D

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