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Away for a while!!


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How was ur new year? Did u get a lot of drunk?


I know thoes who don't care but


I'm going to let u guys to know that I'll be away for a while cuz of my exams and moving too.


I'll keep attending on forum and maybe little bit of play game too.







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How was ur new year? Did u get a lot of drunk?...

Well it was like that.I started drinking with uncle at about 6 pm and i was already drunk at 7-8pm.We drank whole night but really whole night,about 6 am i went to bed.And i slept for 1 hour,i woke up about 7 am and so did uncle he was like "u cant sleep either?"and i said yes,then he said as joke "what about if we drink bit moar,i drunkly answered jawohl lmao,we drank like 2-3 hours and were talking life stories and failures about 12 pm we got back to beds,i heard my cousins in 3 pm screaming and fighting with aunt and first uncle woke up then i did,and when we woke up they already stoped and we couldnt go back to beds because they really woke us with all the noise.It was somewhere







betwen 3 and 4 pm,aunt asked us if we are ready for breakfast,we started laughin like crazy and i told to aunt to make boiled eggs,after 10 minutes she did it,and aunt was like "Anes and Sanel do u want milk?"we were like "muahahhaah gtfo beer beer beer!"uncle got up on his legs he took a beer and he threw it to me and we both drank 2 beers at breakfast,after brakefast coffee followed,guess what?Coffe with god damn wine,exactly wine,i know people are drinking coffe with milk or tea with milk but coffee with god damn wine LOL!?We drank that disgusting coffee i was just about to vomit it on tv and cousin´s xbox..We went out side on cigaret,uncle said "look u got some bitches of your number there"lmao,i screamed "HeEeEeEeEeEeEyyy Giiiiirrrrlsss"and they turned around and started smiling,uncle said something in stupid swedish,and they came to us,i was like "ffs do u speak english?"guess woot?YES THEY HAS!They do it,barely but still.Uncle´s wife called him and said to get his ass in house,somehow i was scared cuz this girls speak english like i do german lol i really needed 1 who would translate me half of words,girls were most of time laughing,i think they were high.After some minutes i got to house of 1 girl,gueezz wwaaahatt,THEY HAVE PUT BEER ON TABLE AND WE STARTED GOD DAMN DRINKING AGAIN:S i was like "girls..enough i cant any mmore.."but no this swedish girls just laught lol,i drank 1 beer and i got out with one of the girlz we started doing some naughty drunky things lmfao,after it my mum called me.I got to home,went on pc and was just about to add that girl on facebook...And i forgot her name...And i am still frustated about that,5 days left and i could spend planty of time with her lol.Any way this new year was awesome,i forgot to say that i almost killed 1 women with rocket,i fired it and ran few meters away and stupid rocket felt from bottle and flew 1 meter above women´s head lol.All i know is that new year started good lololol,viva la 2010!

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