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misfire when I shoot


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since a few days I have two misfires in direct fight :unsure:




I can not explain to me what may be the?

I press shoot and continues for a few milliseconds of


I have the following already checked


1. mouse buttons were alright

2. Operative memory and cpu went well and were properly

3. ping in game was ok

4. I've also let the pk3 cleaner run over

5. movements  ran normall



this problem I've got only when i shoot


can it be server lags?




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I have virtually no packet loss

and fixed my fps runs stable at 85

my wlan is ok

my internet is revised with tcp optimizer


I have no idea what that shit for :huh:





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If it's not lag, how are your mouse settings?  Windows has a bunch of mouse related crap I assume should be turned off, like click-lock etc.  You might want to make sure your USB drivers are up to date too.


A couple months ago, my screen would lock for half a second about every 5 seconds.  The only way I could fix it was to re-install ET.

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try this: load ET main screen then


/devmap goldrush


play offline a bit, and see if it happens. If it happens offline too, then it's not your network

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'll check the mouse driver again thank you for your idea


et a reinstall fixes the problem that I know

However, this trouble comes in different intervals over and over again

I think I have the problem now for 6 times

I do not want to install again and again et

I would rather know what the real problem-

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