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Maps for ET-Hardcore server

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I really think we should have these maps on the Hardcore server. I think the big maps with tons of cut through areas are little overboard for a 26+ player server. These maps I'm recommending are easy to learn and fun to play on in my opinion and I'm sure a lot would agree too! XD


Rhine Bridge 2 final is a great map, it's not too big and it's easy to understand objective and tons of fire fights in the main area.




Warbell is also a great map with a straight forward approach like Suppy Depot. Which I think is great for pubs since it doesn't take much for someone new to know where to go.




Axis Lab



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Ppl also asked to change the most hated maps (aka gaysis , gayrush and gaydump) to SW versions if possible plz.



Oasis SW:



Fueldump -not sure bout dis version?:



Goldrush-to use same map on SW?


There was a suggestion to get rid of oasis on HC-the most hated of all. Dunno maybe sw version will fix the mood?



Tnxs, Bona

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