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Monthly COD4 KDR Award May 2013


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After a difficult and bitter battle last month, Notajedi swooped in and claimed victory with a kdr of 10.6!! 


Congrats buddy :P


Alright turd burglars most of you know the routine, but for the newbies giving the competition a try here are the rules:


- 50 Kill minimum


- Must be F|A server
- in case of a tie the person with a higher amount of kills wins. Example, 100-20 beats 50-10
- Map must be played in full. Start to end.
- Screenshots submitted must be of the final score screen



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Just thought it would be a good one to start off the month. Will keep posting if I do better. Thanks wolf. 

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*** NVM, my fault sorry. Final score was 63-11 so just disregard my post. I will get a better one soon anyways. 



I just had to beat you by 1 kill Cannibal 


63/9 - 7.0 KDR


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He did play it full and screenshot taken at the end.

Are you blind? It says the score is  4310 of 4500. End game means that the screenshot has to be from the end of the game.


Snakes SS is from the end on the game. 

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