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jaymod ban me



I used to play et on F|A jaymod without any problem.


But, today i connected F|A jaymod and got a error:


Server disconnected for unknown reason


then, i reconnect, and got another error:


Connection Refused - Jaymod

You are banned from this server.


player: -=REX=-



1155 days, 9 hours, 5 minutes, 37 seconds



not welcome


Visit www.fearless-assassins.com to f


I don't know who is -=REX=- and why i was banned.


But, i still can play on Jaymod #2 or other servers.


Can someone help me?


P.S even though i deinstall et, delete the directory and reinstall it


the problem still there...


et 2.60b on win7 enterprise

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It's nice mod error which was made by Jaybird.


Since, he has abandon the mod and never released the source code we can't fix it permanently.


You should be able to play now on F|A 1. If in future you get banned back just post it and I will fix it. Don't go through all troubles of installing ET back and all. Just make one post and I will fix your issue :P


Merry xmas and happy holidays :)

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thanks a lot.


but , i still cannot play on Jaymod #1


the error message is also the same.


Can you please try back? If you still get same error contact me on xfire and I can have a look instantly.

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On the other hand I had said to few F|A admins not to ban Rex since of that bug but just kick him, he is always rushing maps, teamkilling etc, etc, apperently someone missed the do not ban lol.

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