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So anyone else play Clash of clans Its game from Supercell its game on Itunes/apple store mad for ipad/iphone/ipod






(This isnt picture of my village)


Clash of Clans is a strategy game where, like many other strategy games out there, the purpose is to build one's village, unlock different warriors, raid resources from other villages, create a clan and much, much more. You got 2 kind of resources gold and elixir you can build gathering buildings and storages for both and upgrade em. You can build walls to defense your village and ofc cannons, mortars etc... you get xp from finishing building's and donating troops. Upgrading townhall unlocks more buildings.

Winning attacks and defense you get trophies and losing you lose trophies.


i like the game coz if someone attacks your village , yuor village wont be destroyd and u can continue game you only lose resources if attacker gets em.


I play this game on my iphone and ipad both has diff acc/game and i made my own clan muppets. If anyone else plays this your welcome to join in and i help as much i can with troops :) my nicks are leevi 26lvl and choosen 16 lvl.


Also share here your defense's what kind you have and ofc tell your townhall lvl in those pics.




Happy gaming :) and yeah game is free but you can buy gems from store to insta build buildings.

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update:   Due a update of Clash of Clans, our clan has been given a unique tag: #2YLLU2LC If you search on it via clan search, you will find the clan immediately by using the tag above as search wo

Ok guys war starts today. As we have a few new guys we wanted to give out some tips for wars.   1. Be active and participate. If you don't try and attack then we can't win. Use both attacks availab

Send me your iPhone first and I will try it out then. ;>

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Yeah I've seen it but I haven't played it but I guess you don't want to play it when friends on your bus and don't socialize but still play the game.

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My village: post-11958-0-80223400-1399032964_thumb.png


And as thundercats said, does someone have a clan if not should we make one?

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yep i am up for something, on clash of clans myself. I don't think there is anything setup so lets get something going 

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