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NoQ 2 server is not claimed / tracked


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This topic is especially for Daredevil.

Hey Dare, I want to inform you that the server Noq2 are not claimed and tracked on Gametracker.com


The servers Noq1 and Noq3 are already tracked on the site gametracker.com


The purpose of this server is being watched to see rank players and most players play on the servers that are tracked. I always see that the servers are Noq1 and Noq 3 are too many players who play there.


You can click the "claim this server" on the site Gametracker.com? (If is possible). This server must to be claimed and tracked.


You must to do this to attract more players on the server Noq2.



Regards =F|A=Adryan28

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Section complaint? -.-

Imo use tracker / contact would have been better :)

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