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Guild Wars 2 - August 28th


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Woohoo a new MMO game coming out on my Bday. Is anyone else excited for this game? To be honest, I had not heard much of it until my friend asked me about it. Well, it looks pretty sweet. It's similar to WoW with less emphasis on being so gear dependant. There is also no monthly charge. The classes all look pretty fun to play.Battle grounds, World v World v World events. Dynamic landscapes with events changing periodically. The world map looks huge as well.


I'll personally be getting this game the day it comes out. Who wants to be a noob that joins late?


Here are some pvp and random clips: http://teamlegacy.net/videolibrary

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Made 5 accounts on curse.com to attempt to get a beta key. I'll post any extras here.


EDIT: Got 3 keys to give out if Curse.com runs out.

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Looking forward to this far all the same reasons as OP. I'd LOVE a beta key if you still have some, screw getting a good start at a new job!


Check your inbox :) got 2 more.


I'm downloading it now. It's quite the download. Its a 14gb download


Pro Tips: http://www.guildwars2junkies.com/2012/04/26/pro-tips-for-guild-wars-2-beta-event-how-not-to-waste-time/

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