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not a single bullet


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Zip the demos up and you can attach them like you did with the screenshots.


If they are too big still, you can use a 3rd party uploading website and link them here.


What exactly are we looking at here?



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Screenshots don't tell us anything. Just like I told you in private message, go to speedyshare.com and upload it, then paste that link in here.

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  • Clan Friend

Shots off target and your opponent is dead what do you think you should look for?

it's normal,

- when you play there is a thing called client prediction, so you see yourself in the future (that is, when you move you move at once, while your command takes time to reach the server, so you see yourself aiming at an angle you still have to reach in the server).

- when you spect someone or record a demo (even a demo of yourself) there is no client prediction, just the positions sent from the server, so the player aim will be slightly 'in the past' according to his ping.


nothing strange if you know how it works


- if you play with antilag (like everyone does nowadays) you aim on the target in game, you see aiming behind in demos or spect

- if you play without antilag you must aim ahead, and in demos or spec you see it on the target


If you want to watch a demo without this problem use Madscientist's image-et or my own demoviewer et (that you find in the download section). Both can 'delag' demos, note that it's just an approximation, there is no way to see what really happened in the game unless you record an avi while you play. These tools just move enemies in the past x server frames to compensate for the ping effect, but pings can change in game.

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Thank you all for your words.

I'm new here but I play ET a long time and something to ping 200 and higher is not possible (for me).

Links to demos:

 http://speedy.sh/fHdKt/2012-07-04-215903-subway.dm-84 [/ code]
[code] http://speedy.sh/hgMH6/2012-07-04-215007-mml-minastirith-fp3.dm-84 [/ code]
[code] http://speedy.sh/83yB2/2012-07-04-222927-tc-base.dm-84 [/ code]
[code] http://speedy.sh/2Qxua/2012-07-04-224227-warbell.dm-84 [/ code]








I know that I do not have to play on the server but I like him. I'll be back on Polish servers and invite there then see what you can do this one if he plays.

If I am wrong or violated the rules I apologize.

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Can´t understand quite well what you are saying but advertising other servers in FA isnt allowed.

Also if its cheater report then its in wrong section. If its about his 200 laggy ping then Sunlight explained it previously.

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  • Clan Friend

I understand that maybe your English is not so good, and my post was too much detailed, but I answered you already...

maybe if you try and read the answers even with Google translate?


short answer in engrish:

- no cheat

- it is normal

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