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Thanks for the laughs last night


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Wanted to thank Bosman, Fireholder and Midnight for the riot we had last night. :) Almost fell out of my chair laughing while we all ran around like monkeys trying to knife each other. Definitely something we should do again!



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Krayzie, if you desire to prove that we are lame, please join us. We will be giggling like little schoolgirls while you are crying from the inevitable defeat. But you are warned. :P And Rev it was a blast and we intend to do that every night, being as there are very few players on the server ahora.

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Sweet! :) As I said last night, having themed map battles (specific weapon loadouts) helps me hone my skills on those weapons, plus gives me a good number of kills/XP, since everyone's close to the same kill range as I am.

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