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  1. Inactivity

    Hey all. Just a notification that school has once again begun, and much of my time will be taken by that. I will, from time to time (like now) hop in to play a while, but by no means will it be regular or timely. Cheers, and thanks for having such an awesome community. :-D
  2. Flying into F|A

    Welcome to FA, Sparhawk. Hope to see more of you. :-)
  3. Server Update COD4 Server Update - New IP's

    This coincides well with my ISP upgrade to 30mbit service. Thanks for everything you guys do for this community! :-D
  4. Thanks for the laughs last night

    I had a blast. I couldn't stop giggling! Also, I kicked serious ass :-)
  5. What's Up FA!

    Welcome to F|A forums, man. Think I'll check out ET a bit more sometime in the near future. :-)
  6. Hello ^_^

    Glad you're having fun on the servers. Welcome to the forums :-D
  7. Just saying Hello

    Welcome to our forums, lurker ;-)
  8. Hey everyone

    Hello, welcome to our forums. Hope you enjoy it here as well as in our servers. Hope to see you around :-)
  9. Introduce : soldier

    Welcome to the forums, Soldier. :-)
  10. Hello to everyone at FA :)

    Welcome, m8. Hope to see you around. I usually play in the Beginners HC CoD4 server. :-)
  11. hello peoples

    Haha, watch out for Taz! Welcome to the forums ;-)
  12. RockStar

    Welcome to the forums, RockStar. Don't worry about being the best player. What's important is that you enjoy the game. :-)
  13. senso

    Hello and welcome to the forums, Senso! :-)
  14. hellooooooo

    Greetings and welcome to F|A forums, Kouklos. :-)
  15. DaRkIcE

    Welcome, DaRkIcE, to to F|A forums. Glad you enjoy our servers. :-)