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Ummmm...... Hello


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Hello everyone.....


It's me, Halfcracked.


Some know me, some don't. Hopefully I still have some friends who linger here.


I'll be stopping around, so feel free to drop me a note.


I play COD4 and TF2 right now. MY COD4 is 1.7 and I know your server is 1.6.


Anyways, much love....



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Oooh.... now I know where you guys lurk.


A few comments:

Geoff: I couldn't find the Evil Beginners server the other night. Is it still around? (It was actually one of my first regular haunts)

$kull: yea, I don't play more than an hour a month really of ET. I've stopped on your guy's servers a couple of times.

Medic: Thanks for the welcome.



Dogs of War... split from there and created Blood Bucket with Moblord and Nerfherder. Loved every minute of it. Dixus and I were actually born two days apart (same month and year) but thousands of miles apart. I've kept up with him more than anyone since .bb.

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Hey NiPA and Peter!


Yea, still around. Work is super busy, but sometimes I just have to take some time for myself. I still use XFire quite a bit as well as STEAM for some other games.


I've pretty much stopped playing ROHAN as well. It's just gotten hard to play now that they merged servers. It's all crammed up.

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I just miss spanks :P Welcome to our forums halfy ;) You will find all old buddies here.


I have kept old spirit alive. It's just names have changed but heart remains same :hi

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