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Hello, Energized here.


Some of you may of seen me in the ETPUB server.

My name there is, ofcourse: *Energized.


Me, Myself & I:

My real name is Stefan Candan.

Currently 16 years old.

I live in The Netherlands. Province: Overijssel & city: Almelo.

My hobbies are: Programming, Designing & Robotica. (I know, I'm a nerd xD).

I speak 4 languages: English, Dutch, German & French.

I also program in 34 different programming languages, ofcourse, these include esoteric languages such as: Brainf*ck & Piet. Some of the non-esoteric languages I program in are: C+, C++, VB, PHP, HTML, Java, Javascript, Actionscript, VBScript, ASP, AJAX & Pascal.


Me & ET:

I started playing ET in December, 2003. I took a break for an half year, because my space bar was broken. I then returned, only to quit again for 2 years. Today is my second day of playing again, after the break. I still know alot of ET, but my skills became rusty, and need refreshment. I've been in several clans, the ones I remember are: D0H, G!X & Cobra.


I'm a teamplayer, who revives someone, when he's getting shot. I do not care about my K/D ratio. I usually go engineer since few people want to be engineer. I usually know where to go, and what to do. The only times I do not know where to go are on the costum maps that I've never played.


I'm a vent user, My username on Vent is: Energized.


If you have any questions, feel free to ask.


- Energized

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Welcome to our forums. You reminded of my old NL friend since his intro was kind of same like you :P


int i, n = 20; 
for (i = 0; i < n; i--) 
         printf("Hello All"); 

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I'm a newbie too but welcom ;)


Why didn't you change yer controls then? You have to get use to it but still half year for space bar :P

True, but seeing as I was broke at that time, I couldn't get a new keyboard, And to get used to not jumping with space bar, it would take me atleast a year xD. I quit after my space bar broke, then I got a new keyboard, but completely forgot about W:ET. one of my mates reminded me of my days on W:ET, and thats how I got back into ET, basically xD

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