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  1. these are very nice mate! keep it up!
  2. well it's kinda hard to make a nice sig if i don't have a render or stock. And a typographical sig mostly looks like crap only if you're really pro
  3. sry for dp here's your sig: tell me if anything's not good, i'll change it
  4. thx guys it was a pleasure shaky sure i'll make something for you only1shot it should be ready by tomorrow
  5. that's what i'm talking about epico, that's epic
  6. another 2 of my sigs Sharky, i'll make one for you when i have time for it what do you want on it? PS: they have a border the black things
  7. pretty cool epicofail, i'd add a text though
  8. How many of you play from 2.6b on our server?

    started out with 2.55 but seemed too laggy, so i changed to 2.60b
  9. Hi (Y Control) + request

    you have a girlfriend of nine months ? Ps: welcome mate !