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Razer Fiona - Gaming Tablet?


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I know there is this whole tablet fad going on but check this out.




Has an Intel i7 Mobile CPU, 64 bit OS and the screen is 1200 x 800. The rest of the specs are not disclosed (what gpu they use would be handy)


All I know is that it can run Skyrim at High Settings at 50-55 FPS average. Judging by how thin it is and light weight, it really makes me wonder how did they do it? (if they do release it on the market, i would definitely buy it)

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Damn, that thing looks really cool. I 2nd Tulsas battery concern. Seems like with that kind of hardware you'd get to play Skyrim for about 10 minutes before your low battery warning came on. Be intresting to see if it makes it to market and what the pricepoint will be.

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No competitor as of the moment. That small tablet can play some games better than a laptop could xD


that all depends on what laptop you're talking about. Also, it would probably have worse battery life.


My biggest question is, how are they cooling that thing??

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