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My new X79, Hexcore build


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Named the The Dexter_SK, because it cut encoding times by more than half for me.


Here's an overview of my latest build. It started off with me needing a new case to transfer my Q9770 system into for better air flow. Then before I got a chance to get everything switched over I recieved a number of parts I wasn't expecting for christmas.




The Lineup:

Asus P9x79 Pro

32GB Corsair Vengence RAM

Intel 3930k 3.2 Ghz

Corsair Force 3 60GB SSD

Corsair H-100 Closed loop water cooling system

Corsair AX1200 1200 Watt Power Supply


Going into a Rosewill ThorV2case.


To give you an idea of how much bigger the ThorV2 is, here is my old Lian-Li mid-tower (although small for a mid tower) sitting next the Thor





Houston, we have blurry photos and ignition..cause NoGooD's lit.



Luckily so is his motherboard.




With all DIMM slots filled. I need 32GB a ram b/c all that porn needs to dissappear when I hit the power button.



The H-100 wasn't exactly a perfect fit. I had to mess around a bit to get it secured..but it's tight now. :D



Glowly pic that looks terrible




The AX1200...pretty damn sweet

Out of the box



Much like the Thor case, this baby is packaged tight.



Under the foam lies the PSU, wrapped in a soft, faux velvet bag.



This PSU is fully modular, including the 20/24 pin connector. Plenty of room for extras too.



It also comes with the cables (of course) all wrapped up in their own nylon bag with a velcro flap, a couple of zip ties, mounting screws and a Corsair badge. If you look closely you'll see that the pictures are becoming slightly off tilt..this is due mainly to the large intake of alcohol I had consumed by this point. If your seasick then look away now.



Plenty of cables for your needs. Plus they all store in the bag pretty neatly. Hey look...my boots! They're Keen Targhee II mids that I used to hike Yosemite last summer. They are mad comfy.



Shit, my Power Good reading is high. What the hell, I'll install it anyway and see what happens, right after another beer...or do I want some of that Honey Jack Daniels? Hmmmmm



Edit: Tinypic removed my first pic?!?! They must not like Corsair. Thread renamed.

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Thanks guys. ROFL, that pic of someone's feet isn't mine. WTH?? lol. That's awesome. Tinypic fails.


BTW, Just an update. I've had zero issues so far with any of my equipment. I was able to OC the CPU to 4.6. Even though its a C1 stepping; I likely could have pushed it past 4.7 as the OC was just the Auto Overclock feature on the Asus software. This proc is supposed to be able to hit 5.0Ghz on the C2 stepping. So far I've been really stoked with all the components though. Transcoding movies takes so much less time now it's fantasic. Still no time yet to paracord the cables. :\

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Nice job NoGood !!! Also how is the Thor ? I seen pics of that case but never seen it in person (it looks very cool) !


I also have a corsair AX series psu and was considering getting these cables =D (they look so sexy. Maybe u are interested hahah)



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