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Hello there!


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Well where to start? I'm PSYKORGASM and I frequent Jay3 these days!


My real name is Ray, so feel free to call me either, I'm 20 (very almost 21) and live in England. I am currently studying towards being an Architect (Which is why you shall mostly not see me on mon, tues or wednesdays :( )


My Enemy Territory story... I played from 2006 till mid 2009, I use to admin and help run a server until our overlord couldnt keep them up, I then played on the ETc servers for quite a while but eventually left due to not being able to play with my regular group. In the break I played a few other games, mainly Urban Terror spent doing Icyjumps (although I haven't touched the game in 8 months I am still active over there), did some mapping, etc etc. Once I played Icy to the point of no return I went to shooting, got fairly good actually but the people playing it got too much for my sanity to cope with lol, my game name if anyone happens to know me from there was [#!]PureFilth' and 99% of the time was keeping the WC Swim 24/7 server clean of cheaters, a task I used to get cheap thrills from :rolleyes:


Anyway, about a year ago I got ET again and played on =DRi= servers for a few weeks but th game was being a PITA so I got rid of it, but after that sweet taste of ET I needed more, installed the game about a month ago and hoped on FA beginners and never left it since!


My playing style:

I like to play for the objective rather then kills on most maps, I don't care about score and I love to disrupt the game for medics with needles stuck in their arms B)

I love to play field ops and spot massive clusters of mines (especially on either side of fueldump) and then send down some air support to hear that glorious boom as 20 mines go off.

My favourite weapons are:

M97, MG42, Engineer Rifle and Sten.


gl & hf :punk

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Welcome to the forums. Venture to Jay1 or 2 and get a taste of my blade sometime.

Thanks, I have iirc racked up a couple of k xp on jay2 but the ping is too noticeable when playing, same on jay1 when I went on last night and I've gotten used to rapidfire which doesn't help things.

If there every is a clone of jay1 hosted in Europe though I wanna be the first to know, the little I played was real good, didn't get raped by juggernaut adremedics, felt nice and balanced playing.


welcome on forums, i like when someone writes a lot of info about himself. :) welcome on forums :)



Welcome. We've spoken a bit in ET, but looking forward to seeing more of you on Jay3, cuz it is a great server indeed.

Thankyou! Hope to see you in game again soon! B)



Edit: Spelling ¬¬

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