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How to become an F|A


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LOL silly Demir :lol:


to join f|a it's easy just go here and read viewtopic.php?f=65&t=962


and then fill this :





Name (Optional):

Game Name:

Xfire :

Location :

Timezone :


How often do you play:

Do you use vent ( Yes / No ):

F|A Server you play on most :

Your expertise: ( C, html, photoshop expert, map maker, etc) :




To post your application choose which part of the world you are from and apply viewforum.php?f=38




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How does a person usually become an F|A.Cos Demir told me I need to kill him 10 times to become a trial clan member


Hahaha that just made my day. The process is actually a bit more difficult than that. You have to kill Demir 10 times and apply on the forums under the "COD Applications" section.

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