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$25 Raspberry Pi computer is as small as a credit card, will launch next month


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The Raspberry Pi Foundation is preparing to launch a new ultra-affordable Linux-powered computer next month that is the size of a credit card. It’s so affordable, in fact, that it will cost just $25 or $35, depending on how much RAM the buyer requires. In an interview with Edge, Raspberry Pi Foundation head David Braben said, despite the size and low cost, the Raspberry Pi computer is powerful enough to run games such as Quake III Arena and power 1080p video. The company will launch just 10,000 units to developers next month, mostly in the United Kingdom. “At the moment we’re appealing to techy people because we want people to give their time for free, writing software and improving things, porting them from other places, and putting them into the public domain, essentially, so we can use them for education,” Braben said, noting that he hopes to turn the developer board into a consumer-friendly device next year. The Raspberry Pi is equipped with a 700MHz processor, 128MB or 256MB of RAM, support for an SD card, and both HDMI and RCA outputs.

Read [Raspberry Pi Foundation] Read [Edge]



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!facepalm General


its not supposed to be a PC, but instead a computer.


EDIT: btw, i think this lil thing is pretty cool. if it can run Quake III, then ET shouldnt be a problem....now to get a laser/light keyboard and wireless mouse, and i'd be good to go anywhere :D

damn, still need a screen :/

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!facepalm Achiyan


PC = Computer. Get it? PC? Personal Computer?


A computer, when they were first made, which you prob know, were GIGANTIC.

Then, they started getting more advanced, and got smaller to a more manageable size and for the general population, hence "Personal" Computer. This thing, is just the CPU mobo and other little things. It still has to be placed in a case and whatnot, and hooked up to a monitor or if it has a built in screen then thats not even classified as a computer anymore but a tablet. Id call this thing, if anything, once fully installed, a MC. Micro Computer.

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