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F|A 3rd Server Jaymod


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Server Name: F|A Jaymod Closing

Server IP:

Version: ET 2.60b win-x86 May 8 2006

Players: 1 / 32

Map Name: cathedral_final

Game Type: Objective


server on


we r closing?

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Dare will explain to you ... :D


Let you handle it mister ;)


LOL just came from work and go to my PC then i found out my monitor is down ... shit now I'm using my flat TV with hdmi and damn it's not good to see ... also letters are ugly .. ill try it tonight for game to see

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This afternoon, i looked at the 3rd Jaymod server, En i saw that the IP was closing so i did entered the new server adres, but the server is offline, Please say to me when the 3rd Jaymod server is back online, Greets x79

I wondered if you had the same issue I did: the new IP address that pops up seems to be missing the first digit. It should be:


Quick question on this though, Dare - I thought my XP would get carried across from the old server but it doesn't look like it was. Is this right?

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I told medic sv_fullmsg ain't working and he didn't believed me :D It will be fixed by tomorrow.


xp is not carried over. We did full XP reset since new server is multi patch playable. :)


PS Welcome to the forums.

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Sorry it was with :27960 but i didnt work so after removing 27960 it did work already test it yesterday (maybe cos in command line at new server its only without any port socan you check hell oo)


now i dunno whats happen cos lil limited without any connection at work only my iphone :(



But read first what he talking about hell ... The guy talking about yesterday when the server was down

guys go test it first ... And again you can not connect with main menu of fa inside etmain ... Delete any main menu and try it should work :rolleyes:

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LOL true welcome man ... :hi


for config ask here viewtopic.php?f=8&t=2483 we can help you to create one

Thanks Medic but my problem is working out where to save them and which folders to put them into. I'm manually saving the autoexec file into each mod's folder but then some of the binds aren't working. I realised that I'm meant to execute them from a single place but couldn't work out where. :hmm


(sorry for going OT!)

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Dr.Bunker you should have your old xp back if you played on NQ.


For configs you should always put them in etmain folder unless you are using mod specific configs which are executed auto per class. :)


Here is the wiki for client cvars:


http://www.shitstorm.org/noquarter/wiki ... ient_CVARS


Rest for etmain:

http://fearless-assassins.com/index.php ... sting.html

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