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Good App Store Apps


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Post here some good apps that you have downloaded that are really useful/fun/entertaining. Just put the name of the app, and reason why it's awesome!


I'll start it off


Cod4: . Awesome game. Obviously the best FPS on the app store. There are no other games like it


Mac Pilot: For those of you that do not like settings. This lets you edit lots of different things on your mac


Daisy disk, and iMemoryCleaner. Great for those of you that get clumped up hard drives, with little space. Daisy disk will show you what is taking up all of your memory. iMemory will get rid of annoying useless things in your memory.


Uberstrike. 2nd best FPS game on the app store. Very colorful game with an interesting money system


Virtual DJ Home: Very cool app that let's you mix music, and mess around with it.


Touchgrind: Very fun skateboarding app that let's you use your fingers as your feet to control the board.

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Apps for macbook:


Games: World of Goo and Civilization

Quicksilver: great for quickly starting up apps and moving files around

Parallels Desktop: run some windows or linux operating systems

Sublime Text 2: Best coding program out there (for hard coding)

MacKeeper: maintenance for your software

Google Chrome: Best browser

Cyberduck: great ftp

Geektool, Magnifique, and Candy Bar: for changing the look of your macbook

Appcleaner: to uninstall applications better



iPad apps:

TextPlus4: text your friends or use imessager

Games: Infinity Blade (best game), FlightCtrl HD, Civilization, AirTrack (if you play microsoft flight simulator), NFS Shift, Sports Car, and Island Empire


Nebulous: great hard coding program

Google earth is fun

Appshopper: best deals on any app in the appstore

Hitpad: news for anything

Air Display: turn your ipad into another display for your computer (works with windows and mac)


iPhone apps:

facebook messenger

whatsapp or textplus (free sms)

foursquare: check into places and track your friends

Games: Infinity blade, flight control, tap tap revolution

also appshopper

SmartSync: sync facebook friends with your contacts

startracker: point your iphone in any direction and see the stars, moons, planets and their names. plus constellations

ifmylife: hilarious (f*** my life or FMLs)

PFAR Free: point your iphone at a plane and see what it is, where it is going, etc.

TiKL: turn your iphone into a walkietalkie with your other iphone buddies

Camera+: its a better/faster camera compared to the standard one


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I have a few of those apps.

When is there going to be an app for FA? I looked into it and it used to exist but doesn't anymore.


ip.board has an app to connect to the FA website I believe. But I don't think it is necessary.

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I hear wonderful thing about Pixelmator as a photoshop style image editor (for MUCH MUCH less).

If iPhoto isn't cutting it anymore, Aperture is great (and reduced in price for the app store! was $199, now $79)


I also really like Pages, Keynote, and Numbers (as opposed to Word, Powerpoint, and Excel). They play nice with the Office formats, and I just like the interface better. Plus, at ~$20 each, cheaper than office.

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Yea, Pages, Keynote, and Numbers are a great alternative to Word, Powerpoint, and excel because its more mac friendly, and its a very fun interface to use

I wasn't able to adopt the mac version of MS Office with Pages, Keynote, and Numbers, had to pass it by...Wish it felt freindly to work with but thats my take, obviously its workin for you but i use these programs all the time and i am sticking with Office for Mac.

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Moom - utility app

similar to what you can do on Windows 7,

it allows you to easily move and zoom windows to predefined areas of the screen,

or to make them full-screen, using either the mouse or keyboard.


Just really useful when using several windows.

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