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Favorite sng of all time?


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Guns N roses - november rain

Queen - bohamion rhapsody

Muse - bliss

Metallica - one

U2 - one

Oasis - champagne supernova

Led zepplin - stairway to heaven

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Led Zepplin- The Rain Song

Bon Jovi- Blood on Blood

Prince- U Got The Look

Eagles- Hotel California

U2- Walk On

Martina McBride- Whatever You Say

Stone Sour- Bother

Doobie Brothers- Long Train Running

Stones- Paint it Black

Stevie Wonder- Higher Ground

Poco- Crazy Love

Slipknot- Duality & Purity

Aerosmith- Dream On

Warrant- Down Boys

Garth Brooks- The Dance

Beatles- The Long and Windy Road

Stixx- Crystal Ball

Crüe- Primal Scream


Ohh.... this list could just go on.....

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Impossible to decide, maybe if it was the favorite 100 or 1000... I just write some random chosen ones I like


Pink Floyd - Echoes

Marillion - The Web

Rush - Animate

Jimi Hendrix - Castles Made of Sand

Red Hot Chili Peppers - Under the Bridge

The Police - Bring on the Night

Deep Purple - Lazy

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