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i need some help this is what my et looks like right now.


we just had new internet installed yesterday, its charter with 16 whatever so its really fast they said.


This is connecting to Hardcore! it disconnects and leaves this page.


also the server list has only 10 servers to choose from, when i join silent its really high ping?


any help would be appreciated!




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Ok, you've given very less details so but I'll try to help you out here.


First of all, you've just got new internet, no change on your PC though?

If everything on your PC is like before I guess it's just some issue with the HC server, maybe it was full at the moment you connected and when you got DCed from the server there should've been an error message with an IP in it.


For the silent server: You know it's an US server and when you're living outside the states it's normal that you've got an higher ping then on europe servers.

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this got a F

Ok, that really is a shitty connection you've got there...

Everything else going over the internet even has issues know? e.g. Skype, downloads 'n stuff...


my computer and internet were awesome yesterday and now this is installed and it wont even bring up the wolfenstein server list, and now i have a 100ping in silent im in NC us.

Not getting a server list on ET sometimes happens to me too. Don't know what the problem is actually but restarting ET usually solves this problem. Your 100 ping on silent looks like your connection is really messed up, if this stays for a couple of days I would consider some talking to your ISP.

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ET Server list - sometimes the master server is down, sometimes your connection to it just fails - both can be normal, but not if it persists every day.


Your internet connection results - that is a ridiculous packet loss. Report it to your ISP, tell them that you're getting a 58% packet loss over 150 miles. That's utterly ridiculous.


My connection isn't great at all, and I get superb results in comparison.



In fact, even my connection to the same server 150 miles away from you, which is 4,100 miles away from me, has a better line quality.



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What type of modem do you have ?


Do you have DSL or Dial up? or is it wireless ?




you should take a Screenshot with lagometer on


Check your firewall


Also check to see if your using cl_maxpackets 100


cl_packetup 1 rate 32000, 25000



follow these guidelines http://fearless-assassins.com/topic/442-how-to-recognize-your-lag/

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