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Mouse settings for ET


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I wanted to know what the mouse restrictions for the Server/Pb are


I know the default is "0.022" or something like that


about what about the restrictions for m_yaw, and m_pitch?



I'm asking because the mouse I have now isn't the same as the last, so I'm trying to find the right sensitivity


What I had before was 5.08 and now this mouse its a little slower


I can get few HS when moving side by side, by when someone starts strafing right or in a circle I'm off by a inch or two


I tried raising the the sense up some but just isnt right .


+ if I set it higher.... the mouse sense is way easier to do a 180 turn, which isnt good because if I turn a lil bit i'll turn the other way lmao


I believe M_pitch is for up/down movement and M_yaw is right/left ? right ? correct me if i'm wrong.


So I guess I need to change m_yaw to something lower?


.info check out this mouse score test http://www.funny-gam...-mouse-101.html

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m_yaw should never be changed (it's forced to 0.022 in all decent server configs) and doesn't need to be changed either.

As for m_pitch, keep the one you had before.

The var you need to change is called sensitivity, don't touch m_yaw because all you can do with it you can also do by changing sensitivity.


Let's assume that you use no acceleration (it's bad and no good player uses it as far as I know) then the formula is something like:

horizontal move in degrees = (mouse pixels on your desktop) * sensitivity * m_yaw


you don't need to be a math genius to realize that if you double m_yaw you could get the same result by doubling sensitivity. keep the default m_yaw and you won't have problems in all servers which restrict it to the default 0.022 (etpro servers, etc.)


Just measure how many degrees you turn when you move from one side to the other of your mousepad with the old mouse, and change your sensitivity so that you make the same distance with the new mouse. Easy.


Make sure you have no acceleration. cl_mouseaccel must be 0. If your mouse driver has some control panel check that too, make sure there is no acceleration etc. remember that ET reads your mouse moves from your desktop cursor (you can't see it when you play, but it's still there) so if you mess your sensi in windows you will mess your sens in et too. Don't make the mistake of thinking it's only about your ET settings.


The rest is placebo.

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Well thanks Sunlight those are some good tips. I'll make my mouse settings in control panel wow forgot about that lol. as for mouseaccel_ I dont think I ever used it but I'll check for sure. I think I'm around 5.38 or so now, but I guess ill just play around with it. I took off enhanced pointer precision will that help? I read about it somewhere but yeah everything else should be good :thanks

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I took off enhanced pointer precision will that help?

yes it should be that.


You can make this little test to check if you have accel or not when you play:

1. move your mouse to the edge of your mousepad while aiming at something (the edge of a wall, or similar things)

2. move away very very quickly

3. return slowly to the edge of your mousepad.


Are you still aiming at the same spot? if yes then good, you have no accel of any kind.


If no, then:

a. you are behind => if you move slowly you move less => positive accel

b. you went past the target => if you move slowly you move more => negative accel


(this test is the opposite of what they generally suggest, that is move slowly away and return fast, but I think it's easier like this, you just invert the results and it's the same)


negative accel: can be you mouse, or playing with too many dpi, or 2 low resolution, or too few fps.

positive accel: if you have cl_mouseaccel 0, then it's generally windows fault, there used to be a registry fix for win xp I don't know with the latest ones


I don't say that you can't play well with acceleration, but it's generally considered a bad thing (your brain has to control both speed and distance, instead of distance alone = harder)

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raise yaw

No need to answer an old post just to say 'raise yaw', I don't wanna sound rude of course, but how can you say raise yaw when in some servers m_yaw is locked to 0.022, then he would find his sens has changed.

I have written the formula for mouse movement in this thread, quake3 source was out ages ago and now we have et source too. It's simplified because I've ignored m_filter and cl_mouseaccel, but *that* is the formula and if you read it you can see that changing yaw makes no sense when you can just change sens.

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