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Future of TZAC ???

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It has come to light that the future for TZAC and what has become a cleaner gaming experience for most Enemy Territory players could be hitting some bad times after it was revealed unless TZAC creator Tomislav 'chaplja' Zubcic finds a suitable business partner the project may well have to be shut down.




"There is too much work and time involved and if I don't find a way to generate some half-normal revenue from the site and the whole project, I am going to close it. There were a few offers that would secure some monthly income, but so far nobody was serious enough to make a clear offer on what they want, expect and give back."


TZAC has expanded into other popular titles like Call of Duty 4 and Call of Duty 2 and it seems a large portion of the online FPS community now rely on the anti-cheat. TZAC 2.0 is currently in production but with the future of the project blurred, it may not see the light of day.


Source: etpro.de


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uhm no i havent heard, i only play since 06 i think


my point is: what with the competitive mode when there is no longer anti cheat?

ESL is discussing to port their WIRE ac to ET, but it would only be for ESL wars. Other than that, back to nopb im assuming.


btw, was kidding about et being dead. People on crossfire have been whining about it since then but its not died yet.

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In my opinion, ET is pretty dead. I mean of course there's servers that are still doing pretty well, but overall it's pretty much dead. I like to still play in scrims and stuff, but I hardly ever go to pubs or anything.

So is Brink... to soon?

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