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Santa will you bring Curve some new maps and mix it up for me :}


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Yeah Yeah I know I have mentioned it many times before but hey the holidays are close and I will have a lot more xtra time to play and I hope we could get some fresh maps. I know I hear it every day from players.


Just so it doesnt sound like im crying or bitching I wil put my money where my mouth is and Donate an Xtra $20 this month on top of the $15 I donate monthly to get fresh maps just in time for Christmas :}


How about it Santa?




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I haven't been playing COD4 for very long and am relatively new to your "tactical" server, but adding onto Curve's suggestion why not run the entire maplist (except for "shipment" for obvious reasons) in a cronological campaign order transitioning from the Russian front through to the Mid East?


I'd also endorse Theo's recommendation for implementing punkbuster. I'm not a shit disturber by any means but I have periodically seen eye brow raising events by certain players on the aforementioned server by random non-F|A member guests. Also for some reason I have trouble connecting to punkbuster driven servers. Anyone else have this issue?

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