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  1. Happy Birthday CURVE!

  2. RPG is pure skill..... Its only nooby for those not a RPG graduate :}
  3. Yeah Yeah I know I have mentioned it many times before but hey the holidays are close and I will have a lot more xtra time to play and I hope we could get some fresh maps. I know I hear it every day from players. Just so it doesnt sound like im crying or bitching I wil put my money where my mouth is and Donate an Xtra $20 this month on top of the $15 I donate monthly to get fresh maps just in time for Christmas :} How about it Santa? Curve
  4. can you have both versions? if so how?
  5. I have seen him a few times. He follows the rules and doesnt whine.. Keep at it Jack
  6. O dang no red dot scope :{ This will be a challenge for sure :} Thanks P.S Please keep your heads up and move slowly :} Curve
  7. I am working on my last gun on these challenges. Im on the second with 28 headshots and need 75.. I see when I get this 2 challenge i get another paint to the gun. I want to know when I get to get a scope on this 44 assault gun.. Gun is hard to get hs with iron sights :} Also just wondering when I finish the 3rd challenge with this gun do I get a gold AK? Thats what my son told me. I have finished all the other guns now working on this 44 Still waiting on my Golden RPG :} Curve
  8. My xfire sucks ass.. not sure what the problem is but once i turn it on it goes crazy and I have to turn off so i can play :} give me some numbers i can just txt the F|A gods when needed :} Also when will I get the command to kick a punk out of game or a short ban when they are obviously just screwing with peoples game fun? I am an adult and very fair and give players a chance to get it right. As of now I can warn 3 times and it kicks them the 3rd time. Most of the time that is enough cause there are other F|A online. Sometimes I play weird hours and its just me and it gets harder to keep the jerks out. I know lastnight there was nothing none of us could do till the Gods showed up :} CURVE
  9. It wont even let me warn him. Doesnt look like anyone can ban or kick him. I feel stupid because everyone is wanting me to kick him and I cant do a thing. I am no pc geek but I think he has taken over the Admin side of it.. He is shooting thru walls killing everyone from all sides of the map and PLUS He is a **** to boot HELP!!! Curve
  10. alrighty.. I have xfire but it is constantly screwing up my pc sooo :}
  11. Hey Funkbut there is a guy in cod4 Virginia teck something is his name.. they said you kicked him for 500 min 10 min ago but he is back some how... Can someone come kick him i can only wanr 3 times to kick.. he is doing all he can to mess with game play. Thanks Curve thats the cod4 HC
  12. Was told to leave some more helpful advice on this thread :} I dont care what map it is just mix up the games... TDM SAB TDM HQ TDM DOM Mixed baby :} Curve
  13. Not sure how you knew it would build back the population but I see it has done that :}

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