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Can't join any of your servers.


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So, the problem.

Whenever I join one of your servers it starts downloading some shit I need to join.. so I wait.. and wait.. and wait a lil longer.. after that it kicks me for not having certain files :| where the hell will I get those files if the server won't let me download them?

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Please provide screenshot of the error message.


If it says you are missing xy file it most likely a broken one, you might have cancelled joining process one and its now half downloaded. Search for the file you are missing in your ET/etmain folder and delete it, then try to reconnect.


Thats all I can say without seeing the error message. Hope I could help.

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I know what it was sometimes the files try to get downloaded and then the temp files are left in the etmain so it will try to re download the temp files like 100 times and you won't still connect so next time this happens go into etmain and remove all the .temp files. as joker said above :)




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